1. To participate, you must be at least 15 years old. In the event of not having a license, an insurance policy will be formalized on registration.

2. The test is authorised by the Federació de Ciclisme Illes Balears.

3. The punctuality of the schedules will be respected, being 15 minutes before the departure time to sign the departure sheets.

4. Provisioning will be at the expense of the organisation.

5. The organisation will have a mechanic and a van throughout the race. Spare parts will be paid for by the participants.

6. The organization will have an ambulance and a broom car.

7. All participants must obey the orders of the person responsible for the lap, without passing the car that opens the march.

8. The use of a helmet is mandatory.

9. The organization reserves the right to refuse admission.

10. Being registered implies the acceptance of these rules, not allowing the participation of any unregistered cyclist or unaccredited companions.

11. By signing the registration form, the participant accepts that the Asociación Cicloturista de Menorca may use the image of all cyclists in any graphic or digital format.

12. All participants will receive a souvenir of their participation at the end. In addition, the following trophies will be awarded:

- 1 Trophy for the youngest male and female participants.

- 3 trophies for the oldest male and female participants and one for the one from the island of Menorca.

- 1 Trophy for the club with the most participants from outside Menorca.

- 1 Trophy for the most distant cyclist.

- VIII Arturo Sintes Trophy to the first male participant to arrive at Monte Toro.

- III Lina Puig Trophy for the first female participant to arrive at Monte Toro.

- 3 Men’s and women’s podium trophies of the best climbers with the sum of the times of s’Enclusa and Monte Toro.

- 1 Trophy for the 5 best mixed pairs of climbers with the sum of the time of the two climbs of both.

- 1 Trophy by age category for the best male and female climber of each of them (master: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70).

13. The lunch of October 21st, with the presentation of souvenirs and trophies to be held at the Fairgrounds of Poima, is included in the registration fee, notwithstanding the lunch of the accompanying persons who must pay 30€ per person.